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The Army FA are committed to ensuring new match officials are provided with the utmost support in the early stages of their careers. Our mentoring workforce have a desire and commitment to help and support the next generation of our refereeing workforce.

At the conclusion of every Army FA Basic Referees course a list of those who have completed the course is provided to the Divisional Secretaries throughout the United Kingdom and Germany. Thereafter a mentor is provided to every individual by each division.

The Mentoring Scheme offers stability and long-term support to referees going through a transition period in their qualification and embarking on their new challenge. Mentors will provide a listening ear, advice and support, as well as being the divisional point of contact, and can therefore have a very important impact on their career.

Other opportunities to support the refereeing workforce include observing, tutoring and coaching. All voluntary positions provide some reimbursement.

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For any referee enquiries, please email Graham Brookland

Tel: 01252 787068 - Mil: 94222 7068



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