Preston Pay Office Women - 1918

Football and War - Women in Football

National Army Museum to host 'Women's Football in the British Army' Event.

Join a panel of experts at the National Army Museum as they discuss the historical relationship between Women’s Football and the British Army.

The event will take place at the National Army Museum on Wednesday 22 May 2024 starting at 6.30pm. Tickets are priced at £8 and can be reserved through the link below:

Football and War: Women in Football | National Army Museum (

Football has been a feature of Army life since the mid-19th century. From kickabouts in military bases around the world to helping establish the professional game we know today, the Army and its soldiers have long been passionate about the sport.

The ban on women’s football during much of the 20th century has eclipsed its important role on the home front during the First World War. In this special evening event, leading experts will examine the teams that delighted fans and raised money for war charities.

The panel will also look at the lifting of the ban in 1971 and the subsequent role of women’s football in the modern British Army.

This event is part of the National Army Museum’s Football and War series, presented in partnership with the Army Football Association, the Western Front Association and the Football and War Network.

Photo - Preston Army Pay Office Ladies' Football Team, c1918