Sada Sumareh 4

Sada Supports Gambia Charities

Sgt Sada Sumareh demonstrates remarkable commitment to charitable causes in his home country, The Gambia

Sgt Sada Sumareh, who hails from Churchills Town, The Gambia is the Personal Assistant to the Director of Personnel, Maj Gen Humphris MBE.

He joined the Army in 2008 and serves as a member of the Adjutant General’s Corps (Staff and Personnel Support). He is also an inaugural member of the Army Football Association’s recently formed Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Group. Throughout his tenure, he has demonstrated remarkable commitment to charitable causes particularly in his home country, The Gambia. Over the last decade, his significant contributions to various charity events, his dedication to education, and his support for female empowerment through sports has been remarkable.

Charity Events and Educational Support: One of the most notable aspects of Sgt Sada Sumareh’s philanthropic efforts is his involvement in multiple charity events in the Gambia. With an unwavering dedication to the betterment of his community, he has participated in various initiatives aimed at improving the lives of underprivileged children. Sgt Sumareh has generously sponsored children's education, providing them with essential school materials, ensuring they have access to the tools they need to pursue their academic dreams.

Another remarkable aspect of Sgt Sada Sumareh's philanthropy lies in his support for female empowerment through sports, particularly football. He was generously donated some unused football kit by the FA, Sgt Sumareh donated the football kit to both male and female teams in the Gambia, including the Gambia Armed Forces female football team, encouraging and empowering young women to participate in sports. Not content with just his work with the Army, Sada – now a married father of two children, has given back his time and skills to become a role model to many youngsters back in his home community in The Gambia.

Sgt Sumareh's loaded a full container of School materials from the UK to The Gambia through his work with Abberley Hall Primary School. The presentation was held on 22nd Dec 23 which was attended by the Gambia Armed Forces heads with parents of students at Yundum Barracks.

Sgt Sada Sumareh's selfless dedication to philanthropy and development has not gone unnoticed. Recently, he was recognized and praised by high-ranking officials, the Vice President of the Gambia, the Minister of Defence and the Deputy CDS of the Gambian Armed Forces, for his exceptional contributions to the community. This acknowledgment further solidifies Sgt Sumareh's reputation as a true ambassador for development and philanthropic acts, inspiring others to follow his example.

In conclusion, Sgt Sada Sumareh's remarkable contributions to charity events, educational support, and empowerment of female athletes demonstrate his unwavering commitment to social development in the Gambia. Throughout his 15 years tenure in the Army, he has made a positive impact on the lives of many, leaving a lasting legacy as a true ambassador for development and philanthropy. Sgt Sada Sumareh's dedication and selflessness serve as an inspiration to both his fellow service members and the community at large, exemplifying the power of compassion and generosity in creating meaningful change.