Super Cup 2023

Army FA Super Cup 2023

4 Regiment RLC win the Army Super Cup

4 Regiment RLC won the Army Super Cup in Glasgow on 4 February after a tightly contested match against 6 SCOTS.

The 1-1 draw after 90 minutes saw the match being decided in a penalty shootout. 

Goals scored by 6 SCOTS' Ryan Campbell and 4 Regiment RLC's Kwando Op Onene Poku in the second half of the game paved the way for an exciting penalty shootout finish in the championship decider. 

The first half saw many open doors presented on both sides of the pitch that weren't taken, including a penalty kick for 4 Regiment RLC as the penalty taker, Terrance Cuffey, hit the goal post and resulted in a missed opportunity for the reds to gain the advantage over 6 SCOTS going into half time. 

The second half saw the players turn it up a gear and both sides looked eager to turn the tides in their favour.
6 SCOTS' Ryan Campbell looked dangerous throughout the match and as 4 Regiment RLC had their guard down for a slight moment, an assist by Darren Bogle opened the door for Campbell to score the first goal of the game with 60 minutes on the clock to bring the score 1-0. 

It didn't take 4 Regiment RLC long to respond to Campbell's goal as Kwando Op Onene Poku broke through the blue defence and equalised the scoreboard a few minutes later, bringing the score level at 1-1.

Both sides proved eager not to let their guard down in the remainder of the second half, as 6 SCOTS found themselves with many opportunities to get around the red defence as Campbell, Craig Thomson and Martyn Orr's attempts to score more goals didn't come to fruition. 

Missed opportunities from the 4 Regiment RLC as well as an attempt by Mycus Pierre to break through the blue defence line and get the ball into the net proved to be a challenge. 

With 90 minutes on the clock, the score was still level at 1-1 and the referee's whistle sounded the start of an exciting penalty shootout. 
4 Regiment RLC won the penalty shootout 5-4, with Charles Osei scoring the deciding penalty after Terrance Cuffey, James Holmes, Raul Ferdinand and Kyle Dorleon had all earlier converted.

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