Lt Col Chloe Plimmer

Appointment of New Womens Trustee

The Army Football Association are delighted to announce the appointment of a new Trustee of Womens Football- Lt Col Chloe Plimmer-Sayce RE.

Chloe is currently the Vice-Chair of the Royal Engineers Association Football club and was previously Secretary. She represented the Army between 2000 and 2002 and was “brought out of retirement” to play for the newly formed RE Ladies team between 2012-15. 


Chloe is a keen (but retired) football player and fan with a deep-rooted desire to enable others to take part in The Soldiers' Game.  


Upon confirmation of her appointment she said, “ I love being involved in Corps football and take real pride in being in a position which enables others to play. 


“I am fortunate enough to have been given a great many opportunities to take part in sport whilst I have been in the Army and have a real desire to do the same for others.   


“I see the role of Trustee in the Women’s game as the chance to act as an Ambassador for our sport and a chance to give back. It is through the hard work and dedication of people involved in both Army and Corps football which enable opportunities for our soldiers.  


“Being a Trustee would give me a podium from which I can promote and encourage Women’s football.  


“I don’t have the longest list of coaching or playing credentials but what I do have is passion, a desire to see things run properly and an aim to promote The Soldiers Game.  I am relishing the opportunity of becoming a Trustee of Army Women’s Football.”

Chairman Brigadier Niall Stokoe OBE added, 

“I am delighted to confirm Chloe’s appointment as the next trustee for Women’s Football.  She has a pedigree in the game and her proven track record with RE Football shone through in the application. We will gain so much by having Chloe on the team.”   

Chloe will be replacing Col Ash Boreham who is soon to be leaving the Army. Col Boreham has been a Trustee for three years during which time there has been a huge transition within the Womens game. We place our sincere appreciation to Col Boreham for his sterling work during his tenure and confirm that formal recognition will be made post Covid-19 restrictions. 


There will be further announcements regarding new Trustee appointments in the near future.