AWFT Defence  engagement

AWFT Defence Engagement

The Northwest Headquarters (NWHQ) Engagement Team (ET) and The Army Women’s Football Team (AWFT)


conducted engagement activities with Manchester United Woman’s First Team (MUWT) at Fulwood Bks.  These activities where planned and conducted to assist in the Pre-Season preparation of MUWT, to open them up to different types of leadership and the importance of team comradery.

On the day Manchester United turned up with strong numbers and everyone willing to participate in the tasks ahead.  The AWFT were integrated into the MUWT then separated into two very competitive teams for the challenges ahead.

Everyone who took part done so with a very competitive attitude and did not want to be on the losing side.  MUWT were very keen to get started and members of the AWFT helping along the way with all the different Military Command tasks, which consisted of an inflatable assault course, and lots of different physically robust and mentally challenging military type exercises.

Once the challenges started it was difficult to differentiate the two teams (AWFT & MUWT) as the will to win kicked in, the mentality of both teams gelled and they all worked together to achieve the same result. This was a clear sign of whether you are Civilian or Military personnel the fact that they were all footballers and the want to win was there in abundance.

In doing so, throughout the tasks there was a connection with the Army and everyday society which raised the awareness within people from the community of the role of the Armed Forces.  The development of relationships with the Armed Forces and sports clubs within the community has taken a very positive step through football whilst giving the communities and sports clubs an insight into military life.

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