1966 Womens 6's

1966 Commemorative Womens Invitation Football sixes

31.05.18 at 05:04pm
For the third successive year The 1966 Commemorative Open Invitation Women’s Sixes Football Tournament

 will be held at the Prince William of Gloucester Bks, Grantham on 11 – 13 Sep 18 (11th available for training and accommodation if required). 

 This competition is open to ALL service units, support establishments and civilian teams with the sole aim of giving our females greater opportunities to play football at the grass roots level. This year will again see teams play in a league followed by knockout stages for the main cup competition and for the ‘Steerment Carter’ Plate.        

Units/Teams wishing to enter the competition are to send the completed entry form at Annex A (attached) by standard mail to the address below by 02 Jul 18 (emailed entrance will be accepted).  The draw for the competition will be made by an independent panel once all the teams have confirmed entry and prior to the competition starting. Leagues will be advertised at the team captain brief on day one of the competition (0800hrs 12 Sep 18).

It is appreciated that some units/establishments may be heavily committed however, it is requested that every effort be made to ensure that the competition is as competitive as possible.  Due to commitments entries will be accepted from joint teams and if required teams will be sourced for any individual wishing to partake.  It should be noted that teams are only allowed a maximum of ten players.

Football is now the largest female team sport with over 2.89 million players, additionally over 5,900 women’s teams are now playing affiliated team football.   As mentioned the aim of this competition is to give our personnel the opportunity to represent their units/establishments whilst helping develop grass roots opportunities for female players from all three services.


1966 Women's Football Sixes 2018 poster

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