UK  North women

UK North Womens Cup Final

Review From Major Mark Normanton
5 RA Win UK North Womens Cup Final

I am pleased to inform you that the UK North Women’s Cup Final held at Catterick Stadium yesterday was a fantastic event. 

Both 4 RA and 5 RA produced some quite outstanding football and fought until the final whistle.  The football on display proved how far the women’s grass roots game has come since the initiative was started three seasons ago.  The Catterick Garrison Commander, Lt Col Jordan LD’s, my official guest stated that he couldn’t believe the standard of football on display.  He also commented that anyone’s perception would have been changed if they’d of witnessed the game.  I must add that the ladies really appreciated having him present the trophy and his words of encouragement boosted morale and will hopefully encourage both players and teams to enter such events in the future.

The game itself was officiated by WO1 Kay, Royal Signals.  As always he conducted his duties in a very professional manner.  Mr Kay has supported the grass roots game since gaining his qualification, he however leaves the Army in five weeks and he will be missed by the women’s game.

In the end 5 RA came out the winners and were crowned the UK North Women’s Football Champions.  4 RA should feel proud of themselves because they never gave up and I’m sure they will win silverware very soon.