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Representative Awards

Maj Gav Smyth - Royal Artillery


Maj Smyth made his debut for the Army against the Amateur Football Alliance in 2008 and has been involved regularly ever since making 31 appearances. 


He has also represented the UKAF FA making 9 appearances winning the Kentish Cup in 2014.


Maj Smyth has been an outstanding member of the Army Football team and fully deserves being awarded his Army Football Cap.



Sgt Matt Evans – RAPTC


Sgt Evans made his senior debut against Sussex in 2013 having been a regular in the Army Football U23s team winning the U23 Inter-Services.


Sgt Evans has been one of the outstanding players in the last two seasons winning the Inter-Services twice, he also won the Army Football Player of the Season in 2016.


Sgt Evans has represented the Senior Amy team 27 times and fully deserves being awarded his Army Football Cap.


He was awarded his Army Cap at the recent Inter Services match in Aldershot versus the Royal Navy by Army FA Chairman Major General Mitch Mitchell MBE.