Registering as a referee with the Army FA


If you are a Regular or FTRS Serving Soldier you 
must be registered with the Army FA in order to referee. If you are a Reserve soldier, then if you only officiate for the Army FA then you are permitted to register with the Army FA, otherwise as you are officiating on civilian games you have to register with your local County and then affiliate to the Army FA.

2019/20 Referee registration

Referees who are registered for the 2019/20 season, will be considered as registered until 30th June 2020. This remains the same and does not change. Those Match Officials who may be officiating in the continued 2019/20 Premier League, and/or Football League and/or National League, and/or Women’s Super League and Championship seasons will be considered as registered until the end of the 2019/20 season.

Referee registration opening date

Referee registration for season 2020/21 will open on the Whole Game System on 1st June, this has not changed. The recommendation for County FAs is however, to not promote referee registration until a start date for the 2020/21 season is confirmed.

How to register

Referee Registration 2020/21
The below gives guidance and advice to County FAs ahead of referee registration for the 2020/21 season.

Each year referees are required to re-register with the Army FA in preparation for the forthcoming season.The method is via the online registration using the Whole Game System portal. This processes the registration and payment automatically and is controlled entirely by the referee themselves. (A manual paper form is still available and can be downloaded in the Documents section below. However, referees are asked to attempt the online registration process in the first instance)

Upon completion of the online registration, referees are asked to complete the 'Extra Personnel Details Registration Form' as this captures extra information that is not in the online version. This includes ALL contact details for the referee, and also the contact details of their COs.

Upon completion of both registration forms, you will be provided with an Army FA registration number and card from the Army FA (which is distributed alongside any additional purchases in August of each year).

During the course of the season referees who wish to register are asked to contact the Referees' Secretary via email. The Referees' Secretary will then arrange for forms to be sent out to the referee concerned so they can complete these and return them to the Army FA.

If you have not completed a Safeguarding Children or carried out a Criminal Records Check (CRC) you will need to do so - Currently this is suspended due to CO-VID19


The Football Association Mandatory Registration Fee for all levels is £20 which is payable ONLY to your PARENT County;


Referee registration form

Army FA extra personnel details

Payment form