Registering as a referee with the Army FA


If you are a Regular or FTRS Serving Soldier you 
must be registered with the Army FA in order to referee. If you are a Reserve soldier, then if you only officiate for the Army FA then you are permitted to register with the Army FA, otherwise as you are officiating on civilian games you have to register with your local County and then affiliate to the Army FA.

Referees who are registered for the 2023/24 season, will be considered as registered until 30th June 2023.

Referee registration opening date:

Referee registration for season 2023/24 opened on the Whole Game System on 1st June 2023. Registration for subsequent seasons will be on 1st June each year.


Referee Registration 2023/24

If you have not registered for the 2023/24 season it is imperative that you do so immediately by utilising the link below:

Referee Registration - Signin (

1. For instructions on how to register please follow the guidance below:

It is a Football Association directive that ALL referees MUST have an in-date appropriate safeguarding qualification on their record in order to allow them to re-register for season 2022/23

Alongside this ALL officials who are refereeing youth football or are a Referee Mentor or Observer MUST also hold an in-date DBS in order to be compliant to the FA Safeguarding regulations.
It is your responsibility to check your own records on WGS and, where required, complete the relevant processes as follows:


All Referees will complete a Safeguarding Workshop during their initial training.

Referees who completed a safeguarding recertification before the end of June 2022 under the old recertification cycle, their current qualification will remain valid for three years from the date of completion. However, from July 2022, when learners complete the Safeguarding Children Course or new recertification, their qualification will be valid for two years.

If you safeguarding needs renewing then complete the safeguarding workshop here (no fee)


If you need to update your DBS then please contact the Referee Secretary, Steve Clout,



If you have any registration issues via WGS please email Steve Clout.



The Football Association Mandatory Registration Fee for all levels is £20 which is payable ONLY to your PARENT County, the Army FA.