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Army FA Referees Promotions 2019/20

The cancellation of the remainder of the grassroots football season due to COVID-19 has enabled county associations to complete the administration for the Referee promotion season earlier than the original 30 April 2020 deadline date.

Due to this we are delighted to announce that, in total, 28 Army Referees have been promoted during the 2019/20 season from Levels 7 through to 5. In addition a further three officials will be recommended to the Football Association for promotion to Level 4.

A further 37 have also completed the criteria to promote from a Trainee official to Level 7 after completing five matches upon completion of their course during the season.

The successful candidates are as follows:

Levels 4-3

Ash Allen (RAPTC), Ben Dufill (RAC) , Rob Finn (RE)

Levels 5-4

Dickie Doorbar (AGC), Mark McGowan (RTR) Steve Tymms (AAC)

Levels 7-6 and 6-5

Andy Biggin (AGC), John Reed (REME), Lewis Royle (Infantry), Simon Towe (Infantry), Gary Wroe (RLC)

Levels 6-5

Mark Beverley (RAPTC), Lee Cowan (Infantry), Michael Ford (RAC), Danny Hannigan (REME), Ian King (RE), Eddie Nichol (Infantry), Keith Ross (Infantry), Nige Saunders (AGC), Henry Woodcock (RLC)

Levels 7-6

Dan Bishop (RAPTC), Harry Charles (REME), Andrew Desroches (REME), Sean Dunn (RLC), James Frame (AGC), Pradeep Gurung (RGR), Stephan Harris (RAPTC), Gibril Jallow (RLC), Dan McLaren (RE), Olu Olumese (AGC), Luke Quinton (REME), Bri Russell (RAMC), Sean Smith (Infantry), Chris Vaughan (RLC)

Trainee to Level 7

Atabong Agendia (RLC), Robert Barn (R Signals), Lee Barry (Infantry), Paul Blakelock (Infantry), Ian Boal (RLC), Leon Bradley (R Signals), Tailor Brown (REME), Dominic Buswell (CAMUS), Graham Cairns (REME), Steven Chong (AGC), Andrew Crozier (R Signals), Maurice Davies (AGC), Paul Divers, Ian Dodds (Infantry), Alan Duncan (Infantry), Barrington Ellison (RLC), Jim Fallon (REME), Ashley Foster (Infantry), James Furey (Infantry), Elihu George (AGC), John Gothard (RE), Steven Harford (AGC), Will Hodgson (AGC), Christian Hogg (RLC), Luke Holmes (RE), Dylan Johnson-Williams (Infantry), Robert Lord (REME), John Pluckwell, Jamie Quenault (REME), Sawalhang Rai (AGC), Arturo Robinson (RLC), Satkar Bikram Shahi (R Signals), Chloe Smith (AGC), Sam Sowdon (RE), Laura Spriggs (Int), Jack Ward (R Signals), Ashley Williams (Infantry),

Future Basic Referee courses are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 situation.

 Referee Promotions



Every referee starts out at the bottom of the ladder, but if you want to progress to the next level or even to international standard, we're here to guide you along the way.

For the 2020/21 referee promotion season, due to a change in The FA’s regulations, the season will commence on 01, July 2020 and end on 30, April 2021. 

In order to apply for promotion during the 2020/21 season, you are required to read the documents below.  

Applications are to be submitted no later than 15, June 2020 - TBC

Click on the links below for further information:

Promotion Scheme applicant criteria L76

Promotion Scheme applicant criteria L65

Promotion Scheme applicant criteria L54