Referee writing in a notebook

Referee Development Officer

WO2 Andy Moore


This weeks development has been set up using Microsoft Forms and issued via SPOND:

Laws of the Game - 18 May 2020

How To Setup Spond

Step 1

Go to the Play Store/App Store then install Spond.

Step 2

Create Account (It's free)

Step 3

From the home page shown below, select the group icon circled in red.

Step 4

Select the member/ parent circled in red.

Step 5

Enter the code (below) using the link provided.<>

Step 6

This will take you to the Army FA RDO Spond page. Click on the icon and you will be approved. If it does not please see the steps below.

If Spond takes you back to your home page pls click the group icon shown below. This will them populate step 6 for you.

Any question or problems feel free to ask.