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2020 Army FA Basic Referee Course Covid-19 Update (October 2020)

It has been decided that, due to the continuing restrictions related to Covid-19 added to the current stringent procedural guidelines to attain authorisation, we will, unfortunately, not be able to operate the two proposed Referee courses in November and December in Catterick.

We will keep your names on our system and as soon as we are in position to provide clearer information with regards to future Referee courses we will be in contact.

We are sure you will be understanding during these continued strange times.

Stay Safe!



Course overview 

Course duration: 4 days

Price: £180



  • Overview of course expectations and commitments
  • Basic outline of the Laws of the Game to provide an initial understanding
  • Introduction to the DNA of English Refereeing and the process of completing the course

A mixture of practical and theoretical referee training, focusing on the key skills and techniques required to be a referee. This is then coupled with the practical application of law and the different scenarios that can be faced in a game. Some of the topics covered are; Signals & Communication, Fouls & Misconduct and Positioning & Movement.

Upon completion of Unit 4, a practical Evaluation of Performance and Assessment Of Knowledge is completed to ensure you are ready for Unit 5.

Officiating five 11v11 or 9v9 games, where you are offered a referee mentor to support you on your first few games, with a self evaluation of each game.

Call back session where there is the opportunity to share experiences on the five games refereed, what has worked well and what you might do differently in the future. A final Laws of the Game Examination and information on what happens now and what opportunities are available i.e. Promotion, Academies, Development Groups, In-Service Training etc.

Before starting Block 5, a Safeguarding Children Workshop and Criminal Records Check (if applicable) must be completed.


 Details to follow


Get in touch

For any referee enquiries, please email Graham Brookland

Tel: 01252 787068 - Mil: 94222 7068



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