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FA Handbook 18/19

Electronic Fa Handbook

Electronic FA Handbook

Please click on this link for the electronic version of The FA Handbook 2018-2019

Any Rules and Regulations published in the electronic Handbook will now be in force, unless otherwise stated.

At the time of publication, a number of items to be included in the Handbook are not yet available.  However, a placeholder has been provided to signify where this content will appear once it is ready to be published.

We draw your particular attention to the new Disciplinary Regulations which have been subject to a comprehensive review.

Please note the electronic version of the Handbook has a number of features, including a search facility and the ability to generate a pdf of any section.


The IFAB Laws of the Game 2018/19

Please click on this link for The IFAB Laws of the Game 2018/19 


A brief summary of the changes to Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct are as follows:

Biting is included as a direct free kick and sending-off offence
Throwing an object at the ball or hitting the ball with a held object are separate direct free kick offences (not a form of handball)
If the ball rebounds from the goalkeeper this does not prevent the goalkeeper handling the ball a second time even if the first attempt to
catch/hold the ball was deliberate
If the referee plays advantage for a DOGSO the offender is cautioned (YC) whether or not a goal is scored
Entering the RRA or excessively showing the TV signal are cautions (YCs)
Where 2 separate cautionable (YC) offences are committed in close proximity, both cautions (YCs) must be issued; same principle if one is a
sending-off offence
Entering the VOR is a sending-off (RC) offence
If a player commits an offence outside the field of play (ball in play) against someone from their own team (including a team official) it is an indirect free kick on the boundary line

The FA Handbook 201819

Laws of the Game