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The Quads is the "Corps Quadrangular Tournament" which was first competed for in 1969/70 involving REME, Royal Engineers, Royal Signals and the Royal Artillery. Each corps hosts the competition towards the conclusion of the season usually in May.

Woolwich Cup

The Woolwich Cup is the Inter Corps knockout trophy which has been competed for since 2006/07. All Corps from the Massey Trophy Division One and Two enter the competition. The final is played at the Aldershot Military Stadium.

The winners of all the above competitions can be found on the attached "Corps Football Stats" link below on this page.

Massey Trophy

The Inter Corps Football Competition shall be held annually called The Massey Trophy and will be made up of two leagues named Division 1 and Division 2 and a cup competition, named the Woolwich Cup.

Promotions and relegation's will be applied annually with the team winning Division 2 promotion and the team finishing bottom of Division 1 relegated.

A play off final is determined between the second bottom of Division 1 and runners up of Division 2 for the second promotion/relegation position. The team that wins Division 1 will be deemed the winner of the Massey Trophy and will hold it for one season.

The team that wins Division 2 will be presented with the Division 2 Trophy.

Andrew Massey had a lifetime interest in sport, particularly football and golf. As Chairman of the Army Football Association he did much to regenerate inter-unit competition. Before leaving the Army he presented the Massey Trophy to be played each season by the corps teams. He sadly passed away in retirement at Hereford on 19th August 1998 but his legacy continues as the Massey Trophy has become the most prestigious corps football competition within the Army.


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