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CRC and Safeguarding Children

Keeping the game safe for everyone

Here you'll find the suite of Criminal Record Check (CRC) Information leaflets that we have produced to inform and encourage buy-in from referees, coaches, clubs and FAL tutors to the CRC renewal process. There are two versions, electronic and printable, hosted on the CRC information page on the FA website.

The leaflets outline the following Criminal Record Check FAQs:

  • What constitutes a check?
  • Who needs a check?
  • Why do I need one?
  • How long does a CRC last?
  • Can I apply for a CRC online?
  • I already have a CRC. Do I need another one? [Covering the porting in of CRCs from outside football]
  • Isn’t having a CRC a bit intrusive?
  • Does it take a long time?

All the information required is available on the FA website.

Download the CRB letter (Word file):

Army FA Basic Referee Course CRB Letter update

Get in touch

For any safeguarding or CRC enquiries, please email Graham Brookland:

Frequently Asked Questions

As result of legislative change through the Protection of Freedom Act, the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) merged to form the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). The CRB therefore no longer exists. The FA therefore now refers to Criminal Records Checks (CRC).

At present only referees who are over the age of 16 (on the date of registration) and who intend to officiate in youth football (i.e. under 18) need to have an FA accepted CRC. In the event that you do not possess an FA approved CRC and you indicate during the registration process that it is your intention to officiate in youth football during season 2014/15, you will still be able to complete your referee registration but will need to have an FA accepted CRC in place by September 1st 2014.

In response to these changes to legislation The FA is starting to implement a 3 year renewal policy for CRCs. However, if you are registering in 2014 only CRBs issued after 1st January 2010 will be valid. Please contact your County FA for more information.

Whilst it is your responsibility to ensure that you have an FA accepted CRC in place by September 1st 2014, your County FA will assist you during the CRC application process. Your RDO will be aware from your registration records that you intend to officiate in youth football during season 2014/15 and will require a CRC check.

This is a straight forward process which your County FA will assist you through. You can apply for a CRC online and 80% of all online applications are completed within 5-10 days.

It is your responsibility to inform your County FA that you have decided to officiate in youth football (i.e. under-18). Failure to comply with the FA Safeguarding Policy and Regulations may result in an FA sanction.

Yes. During the registration process a back office check will be made to confirm that you have attended a Safeguarding Session. Should you not be sure whether you have attended a session please contact your County FA.

For more information on CRCs please contact your County FA or go to the full CRC FAQs available on the FA website.