Level 9 Referees

This section is primarily for all Level 9 Referees who have progressed through their basic course during the past two years.

Upon completion of the Basic Referees course al students details will be passed to their respective Divisional Secretaries for assistance with appointments. Module 4 of the course ensures that six matches have to be completed as a Referee supported by local division with advices provided by an appointed mentor.

The final process is a Module 5 where, after completion of six matches, the attached form needs to be completed and returned to Graham Brookland- graham.brookland@armyfa.com

To complete the promotion process from Level 9 to Level 7 the Referee is required to attend a workshop to reflect on their trainee referee experiences where development practicalities will be offered to each individual. The Module 5 is usually completed within advertised training events within the Army FA and we ask for you to keep in touch with the Referee Events guides. They are usually held in Aldershot but, should this prove difficult, every attempt will be made to organise local events within divisions.



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