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Referee Course Looms and Promotions Too

Spaces are still available for this months Referees course in Catterick. There is also good news regarding some new Army Referee promotions.


The following Referees have recently been promoted from L7-6 as part of their application to attempt the 7-5 grade during the course of the current season: LCpl Stu Carter (REME), Cfn Aron Crossley (REME), Sgt Darren Hill (RLC), WO2 Steve Macken (REME), LCpl Kane O’Beirne (Int)

Basic Course

There remain spaces on the Army FA Referees course being held in the UK North division (Catterick) between 23rd and 27th November. For further details please visit:

New Assessors Course

There will be a course for new Assessors in Aldershot on Wednesday 18th November. In the first instance those interested are asked to email Graham Brookland-

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