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Jan 16- Referees Course Places

After a successful Referees course in Catterick held in November 2015 there remains plenty of interest in the forthcoming January course being...

The course is being held at the Football Development Centre in Aldershot between 25 and 29 January 2016.

The course cost is £80.00 which will cover your registration fee to the Army and English Football Associations. Payment must be by card or cheque and paid prior to arrival as instructed.  In order to claim SLC, service personnel must have the course authorised by Army Education staff on MOD Form 1950 before they begin study.  Upon completion of the course, MOD Form 1950 must be presented to Unit Admin staff together with the payment receipt and attendance /qualification obtained certificate

Course Outline

Students will be provided with a Laws of the Game rulebook PDF and are to ensure they read the rulebook before arrival.  Students will also be provided with an original copy of the Laws of the Game rulebook, a FA Basic Referees’ Course folder and various other items to assist with the course upon arrival.

The outline of the course will cover responsibilities as referee and also include the following: Kit required, field of play inspections, pre-match administration, powers of a referee, application of law, misconduct report writing and a safeguarding children workshop. The course will be delivered both practically and classroom based.

For further details please visit: http://www.armyfa.com/refs/basic-courses

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