Information about Army FA Assessors (Observers)can be found below.

All Army FA Level 6 Referees and above are encouraged to complete the assessors training undertake assessing duties.

Assessments may be carried out by any service (RN,RAF or Army) or civilian association provided that the assessor is an FA Registered Assessor. Civilian assessors may be requested from the local County FA but only when there are no military assessors available; it may be necessary to make prior arrangements to meet their out of pocket expenses.

It should be noted that assessments for promotion can only be carried out by assessors who have attained FA Registered Assessor status.  Assessors must attend In-Service Training on an annual basis to retain FA Registered Assessor status.  This will be reviewed annually on a case by case basis.


Assessment Policy

Army FA Assessors are reminded that they must submit their assessments within seven days of the match, using the correct forms appropriate to that Level of Referee.  Assessors are advised that they must send a copy of the assessment to the referee directly with a copy also being sent to; this will enable easy coordination of all the assessments.

To help with the coordination of assessments, assessors are asked to submit the assessments with the following naming policy: -

Date of Match_Initial_Surname_Position_Mark-Security Classification



This naming policy must be used when submitting assessments to Graham Brookland only; it must not be used when sending the assessments to the referees, especially Promotion Candidates as it gives away their mark.

Assessors Fees

Fees for Assessors are as follows:

Within seven days: £15

7-14 days: £10

Within 21 days: £5

Advisory Assessment (9-7): £10 (one per new Referee)

No payment will be provided after 21 days and the Assessor will not be given another appointment unless there is a valid reason and he has delievered the overdue assessment.

Fees are paid on an annual basis at the end of the July of the season about to end.  Assessors are required to keep a list of the assessments they have completed and submit these to Graham on the 1st of July each year. 

Assessment Forms

To keep in line with FA Policy regarding Assessors, the Army FA have adopted The FA Assessment Forms that are in current use nationally.  As a result, the following assessments should be used when assessing the following levels: -

Level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Referee: Supply League Referee Form (mark included on report to referee)

Level 7 - 6, 6 - 5 Referee: Promotion Assessment Form (mark only included on form sent to Graham Brookland)

Level 9 - 7 Referee: Mentoring & Development Form (no mark needed for this type of assessment)

Assistant Referees: Supply League Assistant Referee Form (marks to be included on all forms)

These forms can be found at the bottom of this page in the Documents Box.  Any assessments submitted on old forms will NOT be accepted.

Marks are to be included on all assessments and sent to Graham Brookland with confidential remarks for the Referees Committee if necessary.  Marks should only be included on assessments sent to Level 5 or above referees.  Promotion Candidates are NOT to be sent an assessment with their mark included.


Level Of Assessors

Select List Assessors

Select List Assessors assess our Select List Referees however can also assess all levels of referee.  Progression to this level is determined below and granted after gaining plenty of experience assessing and referee at Select List Level.

To be included on the list of approved Select List Assessors the requirements are:

- To have been a Select List Refereee for a minimum of 2 years.

- To have attended annual In-Service Training.

- To have carried out assessments on a regular basis.

When a Select List assessor is formally appointed at Army or Corps level, in addition to assessing the Referee, he is to carry out an assessment of the Assessment Referees.

Senior List Assessors

Senior List Assessors assess promotion candidates going from 5 to 4 and 6 to 5.  They can assess any referee who is currently at or aspiring to Level 4, 5, 6 or 7.  Assessors are promoted to this level after gaining plenty of assessing experience.

FA Registered Assessors

FA Registered Assessors can assess referees at Level 5, 6 or 7.  This can be either in an advisory or promotion capacity.


List of Assessors

A complete list of Assessors who assess on behalf of the Army FA can be seen by clicking on the following link: -

Army FA Referees - Assessor Workforce 


Assessors Handbook

Below in the Documents Box is the current Assessors Handbook in use by The FA and the Army FA.  Assessors are encouraged to use this when completing assessments as a reference guide.  All information regarding to assessing can be found in this Handbook.


Assessors Course

The Army FA hold an annual Army FA Assessors IST Day and Assessors Course.  This day is designed to train new assessors and also develop our current assessors, keeping them up to date with current practice.  This training day counts as their IST, enabling assessors to assess for another season.

For details regarding the next assessors course, please keep an eye out for details via email or the Army FA Events Guide


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