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The Army FA is proud of its Refereeing history and it plays an active role in attracting, training and mentoring its Referees at all levels of the game. All Service Associations (Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy) have administrative responsibility for Referees who are serving members of the Armed Forces. In March 2011 it was proud of a unique achievement when four soldiers, Major Danny McDermid, WO1 Andy Halliday, Sgt Declan Ford and LCpl Rob Ellis officiated in the Football League fixture between Notts County and Bristol Rovers.

If you are a serving Soldier you must be registered with the Army FA in order to Referee.

Refereeing Awards and Achievements

Army FA Cap

An Army FA Cap is awarded to a Select List Referee once he has refereed his first Army FA representative appointment.

Army FA Tie

An Army FA Tie is awarded to all Army FA officials who complete five matches as a Trainee Referee.

Referee Payment

Match fees for all matches are set annually by the United Kingdom Armed Forces Association (UKAF). The Referees’ Sub Committee reviews the fees each season and makes recommendations for change to the CSFA AGM. The fee will apply to all matches, including Corps, Inter Corps, Division competitions, Army Challenge Cup and Minor Units Cup competitions and non competitive matches.

The fees for Final Ties may be replaced by the presentation of a suitable memento. Unless otherwise stated, where appointed, a fourth official is to be treated as an Assistant Referee.

The current Level of fees (subject to change) is:

Referee: £15 Assistants: £10
Massey Trophy: Referee: £20 Assistants: £15
The home club is responsible for payment.

Communications Equipment

The Communications Equipment is held within the Army Football Association. It is available for use by Army FA Referees for UKAF, Representative, Corps and Festival of Football and any other Army FA sanctioned match that is agreed by the Referees' Committee. All equipment must be signed and returned to the Referees' Secretary.

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