Please find below the link to the suite of Criminal Record Check (CRC) Information leaflets that we have produced to inform and encourage buy-in from Referee’s, Coaches, Clubs and FAL Tutors to the CRC renewal process. There are two versions, electronic and printable, being hosted on the CRC information page located here at


The leaflets outline the following Criminal Record Check FAQs:

•             What constitutes a Check?

•             Who needs a Check?

•             Why do I need one?

•             How long does a CRC last?

•             Can I apply for a CRC online?

•             I already have a CRC. Do I need another one? [Covering the porting in of CRCs from outside football]

•             Isn’t having a CRC a bit intrusive?

•             Does it take a long time?

All the information required is available via the link above.



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