Annual Awards

The Army FA has a number of annual awards that it makes through recommendations from divisions.

Dobsons Trophy

The Dobsons' Trophy, donated by Major (Retd) Alan Dobson on his retirement in 1988 as the Army FA Secretary, may be won by any level of Referee. It is awarded in April each year (plus replica for retention) to the Referee considered by the Members of the Army FA Referees' Committee to have made the most significant contribution to Army Football in the season about to end. For a Referee to be considered for the Trophy, his local District Referees' Committee must complete the Dobsons' Proforma (see related documents) and send to the Army FA Referees' Secretary by 1 April. The Trophy cannot be won by the same individual more than once.

Previous Winners:

1989/90: Cpl Jon E Trenwith (Kings) 1990-91: Bdr Neil Parkes (RA) 1991-92: Gnr Mark Edmonds (RA) 1992-93: SSgt Andy Allen (RA) 1993-94: Sgt Dave Jenkins (Welsh Guards) 1994-95: SSgt Mick Etock (AGC (SPS) 1995-96: WO2 Joe Stockil (AGC(SPS) 1996-97: SSgt Danny McDermid (RLC) 1997-98: WO2 M G Price (RLC) 1998-99: Cpl DP Steele (R Signals) 1999-00: SSgt D Millerchip (RA) 2000-01: Cpl BM Foster (AGC (SPS) 2001-02: Sgt D Appleyard (RAF) 2002-03: Mr Heffer 2003-04: SSgt L Grice-Robers (RADC) 2004-05: SSgt D Nickerson (AGC (SPS) 2005-06: WO2 Andy Moisey (AGC SPS) 2006-07: Sgt Chris Carter (AGC (SPS) 2007-08: WO2 Mark Goldsmith (RE) 2008-09: LCpl Rob Ellis (RAMC) 2009-10: SSgt Tony Whittaker 2010-11: WO1 Andy Halliday (RAPTC) 2011-12: SSgt Steve Scott (RE) 2012-13: Cpl Phil Trask (RLC) 2013-14: SSgt Andy Moore (AGC) 2014-15: WO1 (RSM) M Hounsell (RLC) 2015-16: Sgt C Davenport (RLC) 2016-17 Sgt Craig Jinks (Royal Signals)

Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award, introduced in season 1994/95, is awarded by the Army FA Referees' Committee to Referees to mark recognition of loyal and dedicated service. The award takes the form of a Meritorious Service Award tie and a framed certificate. It is awarded to all classes of Referee. The following criteria must be satisfied:

- A minimum of 10 years continuous service.

- served a minimum of 5 years on a Local Referees Committee.

- Conduct to be judged to be irreproachable.

Previous Winners:

1994/95 (Inaugural Year): WO2 KJ Allen (REME), Lt Col (Retd) P Andrews OBE, Capt R Axten AGC (ETS), Sgt BD Bassett (RA), CSgt JH Benfold (LI), WO2 D Bowden BEM (RE), Mr BB Le Breton, WO1 JSS Chalmers (RLC), Lt Col R Chisholm (RLC), Mr RP Coleman, Major T Cowan (RLC), Col MJ Crabbe (REME), WO1 L Davidson (ACC), WO2 JA Davis (R Irish), Sgt MS Day AGC (SPS), Mr PJ Demaria, WO2 CP Donnelly (APTC), Major T Gogin (REME), Major LA Grist (AGC SPS), Lt Col HF Groves MBE, Major MI Hanlon (R Irish), Major BM Hudson (R Signals), Lt Col Sir John Inglefield-Watson (Bt), Capt GG Innes, WO1 PC Jenkins (AGC SPS), SSgt NS Johnson (R Signals), WO2 MDD Jones (AAC), Capt JR Jowett (RLC), WO2 P Kitson (RSignals), Capt D LAi (AGC ETS), Mr BF Marshman, Mr RJ MacCormack, Capt RW McGill (RAOC), Cpl RRP McLaren (Black Watch), Major KW Mitchell (RAOC), WO1 T Nolan (RAOC), Major DM Oak (Cheshire), Major P Pittaway (REME), Col JE Punter, Major K Reardon (RLC), SSgt NAM Redgwell (RAOC), Major TR Roberts, Major DJ Rodger (REME), Major RC Shepherd, CSgt J Southern (R Irish), WO2 C Symes (RE), WO2 R Sweet (AAC), Major EH Trengove (REME), Capt WB Welsh (RLC), Major TW White, WO1 (ASM) P Whyte (REME)

1995/96: SSgt AR Allen (RA), WO2 G Ashworth (APTC), SSgt M Barnes (REME), WO2 SE Booth (Int Corps), Capt R Brown (AGC SPS), Capt LJ Buckley (Int Corps), Major R Hails (R Signals), Capt IL Hulse (RLC), WO2 AG Morton (REME), LSgt N Turner (Gren Guards)

1996/97: Sgt MJ Asplen (RLC), WO2 K Rowles (RLC) 1997/98: Major Rock (R Signals), WO2 GA Rouse (AGC SPS)

1998/99: WO2 MA Beverley (RLC), Sgt G Head (RHA), Sgt GA MacVicar (Royal Scots)

1990/00: SSgt D Arnot (R Signals), Cpl BS Dobson (AGC SPS), WO1 R Whyte (REME)

2001/02: WO1 MDA Buck (REME), Mr J Chalmers, Capt K Lowerson (RE), WO1 DS McDermid (RLC), WO2 PW Stockil (AGC SPS), Mr H Thomas

2003/04: WO2 K Beats (RLC), Sgt HJ Berrey (R Signals), SSgt G Burton (REME), Sgt AC Carter (AGC SPS), Capt PW Conn (RE), Capt BJ Gee (REME), WO2 (QMSI) AI Halliday (APTC), Mr IT Heffer, WO1 A Marshall (REME), SSgt RJ Whitehead (AGC RMP)

2004/05: Sgt DP Appleyard (RAF), Sgt C Carter (AGC SPS), Sgt DJB Ford (REME), Sgt I Gordon (RLC), WO2 M Green (RHF), WO2 B Jess (R Irish), WO2 JB Kelso (Black Watch), Cpl AP McIntyre (RLC), Sgt RG Payne (REME), Sgt GD Pryme (AGC RMP), WO2 C Watts (RLC)

2005/06: WO2 D Adie (R Anglian), Major P Cassidy BEM (AGC), SSgt R Mepstead (AGC), Major NW Rowles MBE (Int Corps), WO2 K Thomson BEM (A and SH), Sgt DP Steele (R Signals), Cpl PA Trask (RLC)

2007/08: Major J Roskelly (RLC) 2010/11: SSgt A Welsh AGC (SPS) 

2011/12: WO2 R Harden RLC, SSgt Paul Bain RLC    

2012/13: Sgt C Jinks (R Signals), WO2 A Jones (AAC) SSgt S Scott (RE), WO1 D Williams

2013/14: Sgt C Garaway (REME)

2014/15: Major G Connolly (REME), Sgt J Duncan (RLC)

Le Breton Trophy 

The Le Breton Trophy was donated by Mr Brian Le Breton to the Army FA Referees Committee in 2007. Brian was the Assistant Secretary and Referees Secretary of the association for 21 years. The criteria is to present the trophy (with replica) to a Level 7 Army FA Referee who has shown the most potential and commitment.

Previous Winners:

2009: LCpl Paul Robertson 2010: Sgt K Hughes 2011: Major Rim Rimmington 2012: Capt Andy Dunne 2013: SSgt Emlyn Taylor 2014: Bdr Ben Thompson 2015: WO1 Wayne Perrin 2016: Sgt S Thorburn 2017: LCpl M Blake


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