Promotion requirements

Level T-7

Upon completion of the Basic Referees course the following is required:

  • Complete five matches as a Referee and return the "Five Match Form" from the FA Learning pack provided at the course or attached to this article.
  • The Army FA will arrange with the FA for you to become a member of RA-FA and you will be provided with an exclusive number. A certificate and badge will also be provided.
  • To gain promotion to Level 7 you will be required to attend a Next Step Workshop (Module 5). This can be arranged through the Army FA or, alternatively, a County FA nearer to where you are based.

Level 7-6

To be assessed on any competitive matches (Major or Minor Unit standard) - use of Club Assistants permitted:

  • Minimum of 3 assessments required
  • Must attend a Level 7 to 6 promotion seminar
  • Pass the Level 7 to 6 Laws of the Game examination
  • Referee a minimum of 20 appointed matches.

Level 6 to 5

To be assessed on Competitive matches of Major Unit standard or equivalent, with Neutral Assistant Referees where practicable:

  • Minimum of 3 assessments required, one of the recommendations MUST be from a Select List Assessor
  • Must attend a Level 6 to 5 Laws of the Game examination
  • Referee a minimum of 20 appointed matches
  • Officiate as an Assistant Referee on 5 appointments

Level 5 to Select List

  • Serving Regular Army only
  • Three recommendations from Select List Assessors (maximum of four assessments) from the start of their second season as a Level 5 Referee
  • On reaching the age of 45 (as at 1st March) the Referee will be considered for annual extension on the Select List. Initiated and controlled by the Army FA Referees' Committee.

Level 5 to Level 4

The Football Association

Criteria for Promotion from Level 5 to Level 4. This also applies for those referees going from Level 6 to Level 4 via Level 5

To be eligible for nomination, referees must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Senior County Referee (Level 5) as at the 1st March
  • Have received at least 5 assessments via the County Football Association (If some County FAs can only achieve 3/4 assessments then the top 50% of the club mark merit table criteria will remain) during the period 1st March - 28th February
  • Achieved an average assessment mark of 73 or above.
  • Refereed a minimum of 20 adult male/female matches in total during the period 1st March - 28th February. A number of County FAs include U18 and youth football on their CL1 return but these will not be considered by The FA in the decision-making process.
  • Have completed a minimum of 10 appointments as Assistant Referee on adult male/female matches during the period 1st March - 28th February (It is recommended that as many as possible are at Supply League level)
  • Be prepared and regularly available to referee Saturday and Midweek matches.
  • Attend one of a possible 9 regional in-service Nomination Training Sessions, delivered by The Football Association, or have previously attended in the previous season.
  • Successfully complete an examination on the Laws of the Game
  • Successfully complete a Contributory League Assistant Referee Fitness Test between 1st July – 28th February, prior to nomination. The minimum standard to be attained is:
  • 12 minute Continuous Run - minimum distance completed 2,600 metres
  • 2 x 50 metre sprint – max 7.5 seconds for each sprint

Also, as the Level 5-4 observers mark criteria is very clear with a minimum requirement the referees copy of the assessment form MUST have the mark on it.

*There is a deposit payment of £30 required for each promotion candidate. All candidates who complete the package, irrespective of whether they gain promotion, will receive a refund in full.