Army Womens football team

Army Womens Football Team Operations Manager

Army Football is looking to recruit an Army Women Operations Manager.

JOB TITLE:               Army Women’s Operation Manager

ORGANISATION:     Army Football Association, Queens Avenue, Aldershot.


1.         Manage the administration and logistics in support of both the Army Women’s Football Team and Army Amazon’s.


2.         OF 2/3 – Providing management support in order to set the conditions to achieve success within the Army Women’s Football at all levels.  Responsibility for ensuring that the values and standards are of the highest order, safeguarding policies are followed and develop a one club ethos. 

3.         The post holder works directly to the Chief of Staff Women’s Football (Army) and needs to establish a close working relationship with the Secretary of the Army Football Association and Inter Corps League. 


4.         The post holder needs to be conversant with the processes for securing accommodation across the MOD Estate. The appointment requires an in-depth knowledge of G1/G4 processes in order to ensure that the Staff/Players are suitably catered for. The post holder should understand the complexities of the women’s game and proven record of event organisation.


5.         The post holder is responsible for the following tasks:

  a. Producing a safeguarding policy and ensuring the policy is understood at all levels.

b.    Ensure Team secretaries produce and distribute Call-In Notices to all players and their CoC within an acceptable time frame to ensure attendance. 

c.     Book accommodation/feeding through CABS in the absence of the team secretaries. 

d.     Ensure that all Staff/Players travel to the fixtures by the most suitable and expedient means within the framework published by the ASCB through the DIN. 

e.     Liaise with units regarding administration and discipline of players whilst absent on duty at Army Football. 

 f.      Book coaches for travel to away fixtures. 

g.     Ensure team lists are distributed to relevant authorities (Match Officials/Opposition) in conjunction with the Head Coach.    

h.      Liaise with Army Football Association regarding late changes to fixtures. 

          i.      Host opposition dignitaries as and when required. 

    j.      Plan and organise the Edwards Cup Final. 

  k.   Manage the team budget in accordance with direction from the Director of Football, Trustees and Army Football      Association.

 l.      Plan all logistic requirements for directed overseas commitments.   

m.     Produce a Staff/Player Code of Conduct to be used by representative teams.


6.         The following core competencies are required: 

Competence 1 – Team based ethic. 

Competence 2 – Communicating and Influencing. 

Competence 3 – Management and Leadership. 

Competence 4 – Planning and Managing Resources.

Applications accompanied by a Football CV are to be submitted to the Secretary Army Football.  Closing date 14th June 2019