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The last two weeks has seen a great deal of women’s football with the Army Women’s Sixes and RLC Women’s Sixes. Both tournaments yet again proved the need of grass roots tournaments for our female soldiers and some outstanding football was on show.

The Army Sixes was an extremely hard fought affair with all teams attending giving their all in every game. Over the two days each team played a minimum of ten fifteen minute games in quite hard conditions due to the weather. That said it was great to see some brilliant football and the commitment of the players was commendable.  The semi-finals considered of 5 RA playing DMG(N) and the Army Chefs playing 3 RHA.  Both these games extremely close but more importantly they showcased how far women’s unit football has come. By the final whistles both DMG(N) and the Army Chefs had narrowly won.

The final was a true footballing spectacle with both teams pressing hard.  By half time the teams were even but after being awarded a penalty (correct decision by Fus Jack Smith), DMG(N) upped their game even more and scored a couple of world class goals. At the end DMG(N) came out the worthy winners and are now the Army Champions!  The Chefs should take pride in the way they conducted themselves throughout as they had only come together for the first time at the start of the tournament and I’m sure they will come back even stronger next year. Special thanks should be made to all the officials who were outstanding throughout and to WO2 Glen Steerment for all is help.  Please find attached a couple of pictures of your new champions. Finally it was great to see teams turning up with coaching staff this year, again another leap forward.

The RLC Women’s Sixes so teams playing eight times to try and reach the final.  Again the talent on show was first class and everybody gave their all.  In the end the final was played between 1 Regt RLC and 29 Regt RLC. This was a truly fantastic game and what was even better was witnessing over 200 lads cheering the players on.  These two teams defiantly changed a lot of perceptions about the women’s game and they should be rightly proud. In the end the depth of talent at 29 Regt shone through and they were crowned RLC Champions.  A special mention for Cpl Kim Holden (1 Regt) for her 26 goals in the league stages!!

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