Army FA Awards Dinner Night

The Army FA Awards Evening was held at St Omer Officers Mess, Aldershot on 25 May 2017.

Hosted by our President Chief of the General Staff- General Sir Nicholas Carter we were delighted to welcome our guest former England international Brian Talbot.

Brian is currently Assistant Director of Football Operations and Chief Scout at Fulham.”

100 people attended covering all factions of Army football in what has been a successful season on and off the pitch.

Awards presented were as follows:

REPRESENATIVE                                         AWARD
Sgt Craig Jinks                                                 Dobson Trophy
Capt Ty Bearder                                              Army Football League South 1 Gren Gds
WO2 Chart                                                     SSgt McCall Army Football League Scotland
Sgt Lee Barber Cpl Tony Johnston                   BA (G) Winners 1 PWRR
Spr D Stoneman                                              Woolwich Cup Winners RE
SSgt Helen Lee                                                AGC Edward Trophy winners AGC
Cpl Kim Holden/LCpl Jennifer Keane              Women’s Corps League Winners RLC
Capt S Birchnall/WO1 Langford                      Massey League 1 Winners RLC
Capt Jimmy Blair                                              Massey League 2 Winners Infantry
Spr Darren Bogle                                             Player of the Season Reserves
LCpl Charlie Gale                                            Player of the Season U 23
Cpl Mandy Kidd                                              Managers Player of the Season Women
Cpl Zoe Stewart                                              Players Player of the Season Women
Cpl Calum Wilkinson                                       Player of the Season Men
Sgt Steven Rowe                                             Army Challenge Cup 1 YORKS
LCpl Darren Clarke                                         Army Challenge Cup 1 YORKS
Cpl Calum Wilkinson                                        Inter Service Winners



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